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    HUO Liyan Professor
    Institute of Early Childhood Education
    Address:Faculty of Education, Beijing Normal University



    Researcher of Comparative Education Research Center of BNU, Humanities and Social Sciences Key Research Institute, Ministry of Education.

    Part-time Researcher of China’s Education Policy Institute of BNU, Humanities and Social Sciences Key Research Institute, Ministry of Education.

    Committee Member in China Committee of World's Pre-school Organization.

    Member of the Steering Committee of Early Childhood Education Organization in the Asia-Pacific Region.

    Visiting fellow of Japan Naruto Education University.

    Yangtze Scholar Assessment Expert.

    Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Accreditation Expert of Ministry of Education.

    Accreditation expert of China Scholarship Council.

    Director of The Chinese Society of Education.

    Member of Academic Committee of The Chinese Society of Education.

    Vice President of Academic committee of ECE, The Chinese Society of Education.



    Comparative Early Childhood Education

    ECE Curriculum and Instruction

    Preschool Teachers' Professional Development

    Preschool Education and Research Methods

    Preschool Evaluation and Supervision



    Presided over a number of research projects, including Report on ECE in Several Countries(Project of National philosophy and social science fund)The International Comparative Study of Furthering the Curriculum Reform in Elementary Education and Promoting Quality Education( Major Projects of Key Research Base, Ministry of Education); Program the Standard for the Training Session of Preschool Children: Children’s research and support; Ministry of Education planning issues “Multiple Intelligences and Early Childhood Education Reform”(2002—2005), Improving Children’s Predispositions according to Montessori Education; international cooperation program A Comparative study on ECE Policy, Curriculum and Teacher in China, US and Japan; Development of principals’ leadership and kindergartens(Commissioned by Beijing Government); Research on China’s ECE Development Strategies(985 platform project of Beijing normal university); chief expert of national teacher training plan, preschool principals’ leadership training programs, National training program for preschool teachers and other teacher training programs.


    Published more than 10 academic works, A Comparative study on Early Childhood Education System in the US, UK, Japan and India(Included in the national library of philosophy and social science achievements);Early Childhood Education in Three Culture: China, Japan and the United States(published by Springer Press and had a great international influence); Multiple Intelligences Reconsidered: Theory and Practice(2007); Comparative Early Childhood Education(2000); The Evaluation of Early Childhood Education(2000); The Curriculum Development in Kindergarten and Professional Development of Teachers: A Perspective of Comparative Study(2000);A Study on the Theory and Curriculum of Multiple Intelligences(2003); and The Relation between Children(1997) which had a wide impact in China mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan, and international exchange.


    Published over 10 academic translations: Essentials of Active Learning in Preschool(2012); Changing the Odds for Children At Risk: Seven Essential Principals of Educational Programs That Break the Poverty(2011);Developmentally Appropriate Practice(Third Edition)(2011);Intelligence Reframed: Multiple Intelligences for the 21stCentury(2004); The Montessori Method (2008);The Secret of Childhood(2008);Teaching and Learning through Multiple Intelligences(2004) and Multiple Intelligences Reconsidered(2004) made an important impact on early childhood education reform.


    Published over 70 academic treatise, On the Negative Influences of TV on Children; Misunderstandings, Key Issues and Basic Thinking on Learning Montessori Method; On Experience of Early Childhood Education; which were reproduced by Xinhua Digest, Education Information and universally praised and widely quoted by a number of media outlets.



    FULL CV: HUOLiyan_CV20160225.pdf