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    HOU Longlong Associate Professor
    Institute of Education Economics
    Address:Faculty of Education, Beijing Normal University



    2009-Present    Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China  Associate Professor

    2015-Present  Gabinete de ApoioaoEnsino Superior, the Macao Special Administrative Region  Consultant, Senior Technician



    2001-2004    Graduate School of Education, Peking University

    Ph.D. in Economics of Education

    Dissertation Title: Study on the Economies of Scope in Institutions of Higher Education in China

    Advisor: MIN Weifang

    1998-2001    Graduate School of Education, Beijing Institute of Technology

                         M. Phil. in Economics of Education

                         Advisor: KONG Zhaojun


    1994-1998    Department of Management Engineering, Beijing Institute of Printing

                         B.A. in Management Engineering



    Education and labor market, Positive Organizational Behavior, School Leadership



    2009-now     Institute for Economics of Education, Beijing Normal University, Beijing (Associate professor)

    Courses: Introduction to Education Research Method, Management of Education, Positive Management in Schools


    2006-2009    Institute for Economics of Education, Beijing Normal University, Beijing (Instructor)

    Courses: Introduction to Education Research Method, Economics of Education, Labor Economics


    2004-2006    Public Policy Institute, School of Public Policy and Management, Tsinghua University, Beijing (Postdoctoral Fellow)

    Course: Spatial Distribution of Higher Education in China




    Research on Internal Efficiency in Institutions of Higher Education in China, Beijing Normal University Publishing House(《我国高等院校办学效率研究》,北京师范大学出版社2012, December


    Journal Articles

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    2.        Hou Longlong“Job Burnout and Thriving in Chinese Public Sector” Journal of Economics, Business and ManagementVol.3(2): 262-266, 2015 May

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    4.        Fengliang LI, W. John MORGAN, Xiaohao DING and Longlong HOU“The Choices and Effects of Institutional Embeddedness: Evidence from China’s Highly Transitional Graduate Labor Market”China: An International Journal42 – 62Volume 10 Number 3, December2012

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    10.    Hou LonglongXue Lan and Huang Pei (2008). Spatial Distribution of Local Chinese Higher Education Institutes: Case Observations of Three Provinces. Journal of Beijing Normal University (Social Science).May issues 3, pp108-116 (CSSCI) (in Chinese)

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    1.        2014-2016  Beijing Social Science Fund research base project “The Efficiency Study on Capital University Running Quality” (Project No. 14JDJYB007)

    2.        2011-2013  “Cost efficiency study on higher education in China”
    Principal Investigator: HOU Longlong

    3.        2008-2010  “Spatial distribution of Local Chinese Higher Education Institutes”.

    Principal Investigator: HOU Longlong



    1.        2010   The 10th LiYun Award (second prize), Beijing Normal University

    2.        2008  The 5th Beijing Education Research Award, (Third Prize), Beijing Municipal Education Commission



    1.        Economics World (ISSN 2328-7144, USA, David Publishing Company), Reviewer

    2.        Creative Education Studies ISSN Print: 2331-799X; ISSN Online: 2331-804X, Hans Publishers, Reviewer

    3.        Journal of Educational Studies, ISSN 1673-1298,Faculty of Education, Beijing Normal University, Reviewer

    4.        Tsinghua University Education Research ISSN 1001-4519, Reviewer



    FULL CV: HOULonglong_CV20160225.pdf