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    DU Ping Professor
    Institute of Education Economics
    2012.7-nowProfessor, Faculty of Education, Beijing Normal University, Beijing China.
    2009-2012.7 Associate Professor, Faculty of Education, Beijing Normal University, Beijing China.
    2005-2009 Associate Professor, College of Educational Administration, Beijing Normal University, Beijing China.
    2001-2005 Studied for PH.D, in Faculty of Education, the Chinese University of Hong Kong.
    Associate Professor, College of Education and Management, Yunnan Normal University, Kunming, China.
    1992-2001        Lecturer, College of Education and Management, Yunnan Normal University, Kunming, China.
    2010-2011 Chinese director at Confucius Institute for Innovation & Learning at Aalborg University, Denmark.
    Jan-Feb, 2008, Visiting Scholar at the Chinese University of HongKong supported by the United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia.

    2001-2005  the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Economics of Education,  PH.D.
    Sept.1992  the Southwest Normal University, Psychology of Education, M.A.
    Sept.1989  Southwest Normal University, Education, B.S.

    Research Experience(Since 2005, PI)
    2012-2015Evaluating the impact of performance-related pay for teachers at primary schools and junior schools in Beijing, Beijing Philosophy and Social Sciences Planning Foundation (Ref: 016622007
    2012-2013 A study on teacher salaries and teacher incentive, Beijing Normal University FundRef: 711-105508GK
    2009-2010 A cross country analysis of school consolidation policy, Ministry of Education, Research Center of Education DevelopmentRef: 711604009.
    2009-2010 An annual review on professional development of key teachers and action research, Beijing Academy of Educational Sciences FundRef: 016604044.
    2008-2009 An annual review on professional development of key teachers and action research, Beijing Academy of Educational Sciences FundRef: 016604035.
    2008 Perceptions of faculty work life in the Chinese Mainland: a study on nine comprehensive universities in different rank, the Chinese University of HongKong Fund.
    2007 -2008 An midterm review on Yunnan Minority Basic Education Project, Save the Children UK, Kunming office(Ref:ONG-PVD/2005/095-258.
    2005-2011 Evaluation on Education Inputs and School Effectiveness in China ,the Fund of National Education Science Plan(Ref: 016622007.
    Authored Books
    DuPing, Zuohui and Yang Zhongchao, School Effectiveness Research and An Application in China, Chongqing, China, Chongqing Press,2012.
    Books Chapters
    John Chi-Kin Lee, William Hing-Tong&DuPing. Educational reforms and school improvement in China and Hong Kong SAR  Published in book “Changing Schools in an Era of Globalisation” Chapter 2RoutledgePages 24-39,2011,

    Du Ping & Yang Zhongchao, An application of the Creemers’ comprehensive model of educational effectiveness in China, Education and Economy,2012(2).
    Du Ping & Wei Xin, Funding Sources of the higher education institutions
    in America ,in Review of Education Policy in China [M], Education Science Presss 2012.
    Du Ping & Yang Zhongchao, An Evaluation on Rural Middle School Effectiveness in Western Region of China's with Value-added Method, Journal of Beijing Normal University(Social Sciences)2011(6).
    Du Ping & Zhao Ruying, An analysis of American policy changes on rural small schools, Research in Educational Development, 2010(3).
    Du Ping, Shen Wei & Hao Baowei, An evaluation on professional development of head teachers and action research,Teacher Education Research 2010(3).
    Du Ping & Zhao Ruying, A study on the academic achievement and school adaptability of rural elementary school boarding students from five provinces and autonomous regions in western China, Journal of Educational Studies 2010(6).
    Ping Du,Manhong Lai & Leslie N.K. Lo, Analysis of job satisfaction of university professors from nine Chinese universities inFrontiers of Education in China, 2010, Volume 5, Number 3, Pages 430-449.
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    Xie Xijin, Du Ping,Effects of Students’ Family Background on their Achievement: A study on 11 Junior Middle School in Beijing. Education Research Monthly 2009(1):50-53.
    Du Ping, Li Linlin, Analysis of the current higher education evaluation system from new institutional economics perspective.China Higher Education Evaluation 2009(3).
    Du Yuhong, Liang Wenyan & Du Ping , The adequacy of Non-personnel expenditure in rural primary Schools, Journal of Beijing Normal University (Social Sciences) 2008(6).
    Du Ping, Factors Influencing Students’ Adaptability in School: A Production Function Model and Multilevel Analysis, Chinese Education and Society. 2008(5).
    Du Ping, School Finance Equity based on Adequacy. in Review of Education Policy in China p315-326 [M], Education Science Presss 2008.
    Du Ping Li Baoyuan, Cost sharing and its effects on equity of higher education in China, Journal of Beijing Normal University, 2007(1).
    Du Ping , Chung Yueping.Characteristics and Effects of Senior Students’ Demand for Oversea Higher Education in China, Friontiers of Education in China 20074.
    Membership of professional societies
    2002-nowMember, China Association of Education Economics.