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    ZHOU Xiuping Lecturer
    Institute of Teacher Education
    Dr. ZHOU Xiuping is an assistant professor at China Institute of Education Policy.Dr. ZHOU is alsoholding a number of other academic and professional positions includingeditor to theJournal of China Non-profit Review and apart-time researcher for the Non-government Organization Research,Tsinghua UniversityCenter since 2009,and memberof expert teamof Center for Beijing Citizen Public Civilization Index Researchin Renmin University of ChinaSince Mar. 2012.She was alsopart-time researcher of Center for Crisis Management Research (CCMR) at School of Public Policy and Management,Tsinghua University since 2010.

    She has eight years of relevant experience with project management and implementation in the area of internationaldevelopment interventions, civil society and NGO research, and has cooperated with experts from distinct disciplines with various cultural backgrounds from different countries. She has participated in more than fifteen national and international projects funded by NationalNature Sciences Funds, NationalSocial Sciences Funds, as well as some international academic research donors, experienced in coordinating with scholars, officers, entrepreneurs, farmers, trainers and volunteers, and she had worked in more than fourteen provinces and cities including Shaanxi, Hebei,Hubei, Hunan, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Yunnan, Sichuan, Liaoning, Anhui, Chongqing,Guizhou and Tianjin…etc.

    Dr. ZHOU has published eighteen academic papers as the first author and written various reports with more than one millionChinese Characters.Now she has turned to focusing on the research of Education Policy of Migrant Workers, Educational Sociology with the continuousinterest in Non-governmental Organization Research.

    B.A. Philosophy, 2002, Hunan Normal University, Changsha
    M.A. Sociology, 2006, China Agricultural University, Beijing
    Ph.D. Social Psychology, 2009,Dissertation:“Change of ‘Earthbound China’:1978~2008——Case Study of ‘Lou Village’”,Renmin University of China, Beijing

    Extended Training
    2009/01/06-13:The Fifth Graduate Seminar on ChinaOrganized byUniversities Service Centre for China Studies andChinese University of HongKong, Fifteen minutes presentation on the doctoral research in English.
    2008/08-09:Quantitative Analysis Summer School at The University of Michigan--Peking University, one month training delivered byProfessor Donald Treiman.
    2007/06-07:Personality and Social Psychology Summer School at Peking University, funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China. Trainers are top researchers in the area of personality and social psychology research over the world (Bilingual).

    Ju.2009-Oct.2011, Post-doctor Research at NGO Research Center ,School of Public Policy and Management, Tsinghua University

    Selected Publications and Reports
    Ⅰ. Papers
    ○ ZHOU Xiuping,LIU Qiushi. Society Managing Society: Innovation in the System of Management for Social Organizations [J]. China Non-profit Review.Vol.4,2012(1)
    ○ ZHOU Xiuping,LIU Qiushi.Evaluation on Roles of Social Organizations in Disaster Response [J].Journal of Chongqing University(Social Edition),2012 (4):100-105
    ○ ZHOU Xiuping.Nonagricultural &Open:Changes of Chinese Life Course--Case Study Based on Two Peers in a Village[J].Journal of China Agricultural University(Social Edition),2011(1):93-100
    ○ ZHOU Xiuping.Three Types Action Strategy of NGO's in Emergency Response[J].Tian Fu New Idea,2011(2):73-79
    ○ ZHOU Xiuping,LIU Qiushi.Analysis on the Factors Affecting on the Role of NGO in Disaster Response[J].Journal of Nanjing Normal University (Social Edition),2011(5):41-46
    ○ ZHOU Xiuping,Deng Guosheng.Experiences and Challenges of Community Innovation in Social Management[J].Chinese Public Administration,2011(9):114-117
    ○ ZHOU Xiuping.Citizen’s Cultivation & Public Civilizations [M].World City and Public Civilizations. Beijing: Beijing Press Group,2011
    ○ ZHOUXiuping.Analysis on Safety Expectation of Beijing Olympic Games[J] .Journal of Beijing University of Physical Education,2008(7):881-884
    ○ ZHOU Xiuping. Research on Social Participation of Olympics[J].Beijing Social Science,2008(2):89-13
    ○ ZHOU Xiuping.Analysis on Gold Medal Expectation of Beijing Olympic Games[J].Beijing Social Science,2007(4): 76-80
    ○ ZHOU Xiuping,ZHOU Xuejun.Social Supportive Network and Rural Women Development[J].Women’s Academy at Shandong,2007(1):10-14

    Ⅱ.Meeting Paper
    ZHOU Xiuping,LIU Qiushi.Independent or Collaborative----AnAnalysis of NGO’s Participation in the Wenchuan Earthquake. It is presented in the 3rd International Conference on Public Policy& Management with the issue of Government and Governance in China—A Century of Chinese Practice and Pursuit. October 23,2011. Tsinghua University,Beijing,China.

    ○ Sep.2011, Report on Social Management Innovation
    ○ June.2011, Final Report of NGO’s Role in Disaster Response
    ○ Nov.2010, Mid-term Report of NGO’s Role in Disaster Response
    ○ Oct.2008, Final Report of Evaluation on Social Psychological Effect of 2008 Olympic Games on Chinese Citizens (InMondrian and English)
    ○ Nov.2007,Tracing Public Civilization Action Index of Beijing Citizen

    Major Projects and Studies
    2009/12-2011/06 Effect of Mass Identity on Succor--Case Study of Wenchuan Earthquake,Financed by China Post-doctor Funds(No.20090460344)

    ○ 2011/10-Present Project on Vocational Education/Training and Social Integration of The New Generation of Rural Workers in the Process of Urbanization,the key project of philosophy and social sciences research of the Ministry of Education (10JZD0044). I served as chief expert assistant, participating in organizing survey, project management, data analysis and report writing.
    ○ 2010/10-2011/10 Project of Social Management Innovation, financed by Center for Social Responsibility, Tsinghua University. I am the executive director, organizing field survey and writing final report.
    ○ 2009/07-2011/10 Participation Mechanism of China Non-government Organizations in Disaster Reduction, financed by National Natural Science Foundation of China(No.70872061), key member of this program. I am responsible for making the tentative survey plan, including questionnaire, interviewing outlines and schedules, as well as report and academic articles writing.
    ○ 2008/09-2010/10 “China General Social Survey” (CGSS), I am team supervisor of Beijing and Hubei Province. What I do is supervising interviewers to fulfill the questionnaire in line with the demands of sampling and winning support and cooperation of the sample household, community committee as well as the local government. Finally, I am also responsible for coping with the things unexpected or emergency in the course of field work.
    ○ 2009/05-12, Research on Protection of the Left-behind Rural Children, funded by the United Nations Children's Fund and China National Committee for the Wellbeing of the Youth, I am the youth expert and have taken part in sampling and making the logic framework of final report.
    ○ 2006/11-12 “Social Expectation and Psychology Research on the Olympic Games ”, key program of Chinese National Social Science of the tenth five plan(N.05ATY001), Data analysis and report writing. After the final reports of this program, I have written three academic papers base on the data and findings of survey.
    ○ 2006/12-2010/12“Research of Beijing Public Action Civilization Index”,financed by Beijing Philosophy &Social Science Foundation. What I have done in this program is questionnaire design, data analysis and report writing.