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    ZHOU Jun Professor
    Institute of Teacher Education
    Address:19 Xinjiekouwai Street, Haidian, Beijing 100875, China


    1983.91987.7     B.Sc., Department of Chemistry, Beijing Normal University

    1987.91990.7     M.Sc., Department of Chemistry, Beijing Normal University

    2002.92005.7     PhD. School of Education, Beijing Normal University

    1997.81997.12   Visiting scholar, The College of William & Mary, USA

    2007.92008.8     Visiting scholar, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA


    Hearing Teachers and knowing yourself 2022

    Research Methods in Education  2012-2022

    Educational Action Research  2008-2012, 2021-2022

    Educational evaluation: theory and practice 2020

    Educational career planning and guidance 2020

    Qualitative Research Method  2015-2019

    Teacher Education in China  2016-2019

    Teacher Professional Development  2010-2019

    Introduction to Teacher Education  2008-2009

    Teacher Education in USA.  2006-2007


    Teacher preparation and teacher professional development

    Teacher action research



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