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    SONG Huan Associate Professor
    Vice Director of Institute of Teacher Education
    Institute of Teacher Education
    Address:Beijing Normal University



    Professor Song received his Master's degree on pedagogy and Doctoral degree in curriculum studies from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

    Courses taught currently include Pedagogy, Qualitative Research Methods, Teacher Action Research, Teacher Anthropology, and Quantitative Research Methods.


    Research Areas

    Teacher Education, Teacher Professional Development, Curriculum Reform, Educational Anthropology.


    Selected Publications

    Journal paper

    Lee Chikin, Ding Daoyong, & Song Huan (2008). School Supervision and Evaluation in China: The Shanghai perspective. Quality Assurance in Education, January.

    Lee Chikin, MaNaught, C., Yin Hongbiao, & Song Huan (2008). A school day in the context of globalization: Tales from three cities in China. Education Practice and Theory, 30(2).

    Lee Chikin, & Song Huan (2011). Effects of quality of school life and classroom environment on student management: A Chinese study. Education Practice and Theory, 33(1).

    Lee Chikin, &Song Huan (2012). Effects of Teacher Empowerment on Teacher Efficacy and Organizational Commitment: A Chinese Perspective. Education and Society, 303: 5-22.

    Song Huan (2012).The role of teachers' professional learning comunities in the context of curriculum reform in high schools. Chinese Education & Society, 45(4), 81-95.

    Song Huan, Zhu Xudong, &Laura Liu (2013). The honourable road and its impact on teacher practice: an analysis of China's national honour system in cultivating. Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education, 41(3), 253-270. [SSCI]

    Lee Chikin, Zhang Zhonghua, & Song Huan(2013). Relationships Between Epistemological Beliefs, Conceptions of Teaching and Learning and Instructional Practices of Teachers: A Chinese Perspective. Australian Journal of Teacher Education, 38(2), 120-146.

    Carmel McNaught, Lee Chikin, & Song Huan.(2014). Different regions, diverse classroom? A study of primary schools in China. Asia Pacific Journal of Education, 34(3). [SSCI]

    Song Huan, & Zhong Binglin (2011). Towards practice and the risk of vocational training: A study of Sino-American teacher education model reform. Journal of Higher Education, 32(9).[In Chinese, CSSCI]

    Song Huan, & Wei Xin (2011). A study on the relationship between teachers' receptivity of curriculum reform and teacher professional learning community. Research in Educational Development, 10. [In Chinese, CSSCI]

    Song Huan(2011). Curriculum Reform, Teacher Empowerment and Teacher Professional Learning Community: Case Studies of Four Primary Schools in Shanghai. Journal of Educational Studies, 7(3).[In Chinese, CSSCI]

    Song Huan(2012). New teacehers' professional development: From mentoring to professional learning community. Studies in Foreign Education, 39(4). [In Chinese, CSSCI]

    Song Huan, & Zhang Wenxiao (2012). A study on teacher's professional identification: From professional role towards professional identification. Global Education, 41(3). [In Chinese, CSSCI]

    Song Huan (2012). Lesson plan presentation and construction of teachers' knowledge. Curriculum, Teaching Material and Method, 2012, 32(4). [In Chinese, CSSCI]

    Song Huan, Wang Jingying, & Wang Chenxia(2014). The development and roles' construction of the "U-S" partnership with the local government's promoting. Research in Educational Development, 20. [In Chinese, CSSCI]


    Paper presented at conferences

    Song Huan.(2007). Teacher development in the professional learning communities: Case studies in Shanghai. Paper presented at the CAERDA International Conference (Chicago, US).

    Song Huan. (2008). The framework of teacher education curricula: Perspective of teacher profession. Paper presented at the 1st East-Asian International Symposium on Teacher Education Research (Tokyo, Japan).

    Song Huan. (2008). The structure and characteristics of teacher professional learning community: Case in mainland of China, Paper presented at BNU-IOE 2nd International Education Conference (Beijing, China).

    Song Huan, Zhao Ping (2010).A survey on national system of honors for excellent teachers in China. Paper presented at CIES 2010 Annual Conference (Chicago, US).

    Song Huan. (2010). Multilevel analysis of the effect of PLC, collective teacher efficacy, and faculty trust on students’ motivation and learning strategies. Paper presented at BERA 2010.

    Song Huan(2013). Reconstructing Teacher Education System of China. Paper presented at Sino- Finland Teacher Education Symposium.

    Song Huan(2014). The work and lives of teachers on the honorable road: critical analysis on institution. Paper presented at American Educational Research Association (AERA) Annual Conference (Philadephia, US).



    Xudong Zhu, & Huan Song (2013). Study on Teacher Honor System of China. Beijing: Beijing Normal University Press. [In Chinese]

    Xudong Zhu, Qiong Li, & Huan Song (2014). Study on Modern Teacher Education System Construction. Beijing: Beijing Normal University Press. [In Chinese]

    Peijun Guan, Xudong Zhu, Yonggang Song, & Huan Song(2014). Study on Quality Construction of Primary and Secondary School Teachers. Beijing: Beijing Normal University Press. [In Chinese]

    Huan Song (2015). Study on Teacher Professional Learning Communities. Beijing: Beijing Normal University Press. [In Chinese]


    Book Chapters

    Song Huan (2010). Cooperative action research for inclusive education and professional learning in a “learning in regular classrooms” school. In C. Forlin (ed.). Teacher Education for Inclusion: Changing Paradigms and Innovative Approaches. Routlege.


    Research Report

    Song Huan, Zhang Huajun (2009). Policy Analysis on China’s Distance Teacher Education in Rural Areas. Paper presented at International Workshop on Distance Teacher Education (UNESCO INRULED, Beijing,)


    Selected Research Projects

    National and Ministerial

    2014-2015  Teacher Certificate Exam and Teacher Education Reform (MOE)

    2014-2015  Study on the Current Situation, Problems and Countermeasure of  Teacher Education System in China (MOE)

    2010-2015  Study on Database of Teacher Professional Development in China (the MOE Project of Key Research Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences in Universities)

    2008-2014 Curriculum Reform and Teacher Professional Learning Communities (Beijing Education Science "11th Five-Year" Plan Project)

    2009-2014  Study on PLC-oriented School-based Teacher Training Model Innovation in the Context of Curriculum Reform (National Education Science "11th Five-Year" Plan Project)

    2008-2009  Study on Improvement of Primary and Secondary School Teachers' Quality (MOE)

    2008-2009  Study on Teacher Education Standards (MOE & World Bank Group)

    2007-2008  Study on Teacher Honor System of China  (MOE)



    2010-2015  Future and Global Educator Program (MSU-BNU)

    2010-2014 Teacher Professional Learning Communities, Teacher Professional Development and Student Learning Improvement in China (CUHK-BNU)

    2008-2009  Policy Analysis on China’s Distance Teacher Education in Rural Areas (UNESCO)



    FULL CV: Huan SONG_CV20160407.pdf