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    YAO Ying Lecturer
    Institute of Curriculum and Pedagogy
    Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China
    Lecturer, Doctor of Literature, tutor for graduate

    Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China.
    PhD student inChinese Classical Literature

    Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China
    M.A. Chinese Language Department in Classical Literature

    Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China
    1996-2000 B.A. in Chinese language and literature

    2006-present Mainly researches primary school education, children’s reading, language teaching, children’s literature and also interested in Traditional Chinese teaching experience.
    Open " children's Literature ", " children's literature and education of language ", " the history of Chinese education ", " reading accomplishment and reading education " courses.

    1.The Research of Talking and Singing Literature of the Middle and Late Qing Dynasty: for the Example of Zidishu and Chaqu(《清代中晚期北京说唱文学与伎艺研究:以子弟书岔曲为中心》) ,Beijing Yanshan Publishing House,2008.5
    2.The Child Who Pillow the Picture Books Fall Asleep(《枕着绘本入睡的孩子》),Peking University Publishing House,2012.8

    Journal Articles
    1.A Review of the Research on Fairy Tale Teaching in Primary School over Thirty Years, Journal of Educational Studies, No 5,2011

    2. U.S. Primary and Secondary Schools "Difference Teaching" Study on the Development Overview, Elementary and Secondary Schooling Abroad, No 9,2010

    3.Artists of Qing Dynasty in Beijing from the Works of Zidishu, Beijing Social Science, No5,2010

    4.”ZhuDui” and Its Relationship with Chinese Teaching in Elementary and High Schools: Starting from “A Discussion on Chinese Examination Paper with Liu Shuya” by ChenYinke, Journal of Educational Studies ,No 3,2009

    5.The Relationship Between Chaqu and Classical poetry, Studies of Ethnic Literature,No4,2008

    6.The Climate of Being Fond of Interest and Leisure in the Qing Dynasty from the Angle of Talking and Singing Literature, Beijing Social Science , No3,2007

    7.The Art System of The Romance of West Chamber Criticized by JIN Shengtan, Journal of Ancient Books Collation and Studies,No4,2007

    8. The secularizational adaption of Zidishu to the Character of the Red Chamber, Studies of Ethnic Literature,No2,2006

    9. Analysis on the males of the mundane world who meet the fairy in the Liao Zhai story- return to the real world, Pu Songling Research, 2nd edition, 2005

    10.Development characteristics and research significance in the genre of popular entertainment consisting mainly of talking and singing in the Qing Dynasty, Beijing Social Science, 3rd edition, 2005;

    1. Host the 2010 Beijing Normal University teaching construction and reform project: General education quality of public elective course construction project ( a class) . "reading accomplishment and reading education " ( 2011-2013 )

    2. Commitment to the development of the primary and middle school teachers' Continuing Education Network " primary school Chinese knowledge teaching strategy " and " primary school Chinese children's literature teaching and teaching strategy ", the two classes are as a national training plan curricula in countrywide promotion. ( 2010.3-2010.9 )

    3. Beijing city junior high school in construction engineering, as extracurricular reading activity instruction ( 2006-2009 ).

    4. Participate in Beijing educational science planning project " the children of migrant workers in Beijing accept public school compulsory education survival condition research " by professor Cong Lixin of involved in reading and the guidance of the final summary work. ( 2006-2009 )

    5. Involvement of Kan Wei hosting 2009 Beijing City Board of Education Science eleven five programming for youth project " construction of new teaching evaluation system of middle school classroom effective teaching: Study on framework of standard " ( 2009-2011 )

    6. In Professor Guo Hua 's Beijing city primary school Chinese teachers reading effectiveness studio project, served as a guide for teachers. ( 2009-2010 )

    7. Involvement of people's education press hosted the 2010 Annual National Social Science Fund Project of great invite public bidding " hundred years of Chinese textbook compilation and Study on " the task " hundred years of Chinese language textbook compilation and Study on ", as the core members. ( 2011-2015 )

    8. The involvement of Zhou Yixian vice professor of Beijing education and science "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" key task " 2011 Beijing ordinary high school young teachers professional growth performance and its influence factors research " ( 2011-2013 )