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    LIU Jingli Associate Professor
    Institute of Curriculum and Pedagogy
    Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China 1998-present
    . Associate Professor, Institute of Curriculum and Instruction, 2000

    Institute of Curriculum and Instruction, Beijing Normal University, Beijing
    . Ph.D. in Theory of Curriculum and Instruction (2008)

    Department of Education Yamagata University(Japan) 1994-1998
    . Master. in Maths education (1998)

    Department of Mathematics, Capital Normal University, Beijing 1979-1983
    . B.A. in Maths (1983)

    Beijing NO.1 Normal School
    Algebra; Geometry; Calculus; Elementary theory of numbers; Teaching Theory of Primary School Mathematics; Mathematical contest training course; for Normal School’s students

    Beijing Normal University, Beijing,
    . Instructor
    .Teaching Theory of Primary and Secondary School’s Mathematics; International Mathematical education; Undergraduate Mathematics; Statistics; for Undergraduate of Pedagogy

    Faculty of education, Beijing Normal University,
    . Instructor
    . Quantitative research methods; Statistics and analysis for postgraduates of Pedagogy

    In 1999, joined the program 《the mathematics curriculum standards of full-time compulsory education》 (trial version), which was organised by Ministry of Education of China.
    In 2000, commissioned by the Ministry of Education of China, undertake a major organizational and teaching work for national primary backbone Mathematics teachers .
    In 2001 , undertake the sub-topics of high school mathematics standards -The research of mathematics learning guidance in Japanese high schoos.
    In 2002,Invited by the University of Macau to run summer teacher training courses
    In 2003 served as the editorial board of the People's Education Publishing House Normal Colleges and Universities Elementary Education major in mathematics textbook series;
    In 2004 participate in the projec “Student learning achievement evaluation study ” which is by Ministry of Education in collaboration with UNICEF .
    In 2006 Bear the course construction of Mathematics in Beijing Normal University , the project leader of Undergraduate Mathematics D;
    In 2009 the project leader of "the next generation of Internet-based teacher education network courses - Primary Mathematics Teaching" for Beijing Normal University,
    2010- the program leader of "green education for elementary mathematics improvement projects” which is cooperated by Beijing Normal university and Shijingshan Education Committee .
    August 19- August 26 ,2012, went to Japan to attend ESD(Education for Sustainable Development of Society) project with 5 undergraduate students.

    Books and Translated Works
    "Mathematical practice" Beijing: People's Education Press. 2003.9.
    “Undergraduate Mathematics C” Beijing: of Beijing Normal Press .2009.5.

    Journal Articles
    The study of Chinese primary students solving foreign mathematical questions (J). Disciplinary education No. 6, 2004
    Assessment of the quality of student learning based on SOLO Taxonomy
    Journal of Education studies (CSSCI), No. 6, 2005.
    Learning to use the language of mathematics to express geometric logic thinking process , Bulletin des Sciences Mathematics (CSSCI), No. 6, 2005.

    Kyoto University of Education in Japan
    China's Compulsory Education Overview
    September 2004

    The primary education international seminar organized by the Hong Kong Institute of Education Hong Kong
    Primary Mathematics Teaching confused and Countermeasures

    International Symposium to improve teachers' qualifications in Japan , South Korea and China. Hiroshima University ,Japan, January 27-31, 2011
    A Case Study about Improving the professional quality of the Primary Mathematics Teachers