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    GUO Hua Professor
    Institute of Curriculum and Pedagogy
    Academic Degree:
    Ph.D. Beijing Normal University, 1999.
    M.A. Liaoning Normal University,1990.
    B.A. Shanxi University, 1987.

    -Professor of School of Education, Beijing Normal University (2006--present)
    -Associate Professor of School of Education, Beijing Normal University (2001-2006)
    -Lecture of College of Teacher, Shanxi University (1992-1996)

    -The Title of the Hundred Academic Pioneer In Beijing City, Beijing Philosophy and Social Science Society, 2006.
    -Second Prize of Beijing Eighth Outstanding Achievements of Philosophy and Social Science,2004.

    Courses Taught in Beijing Normal University(2001-present)

    A. Graduate
    Theory of Curriculum and Instruction
    Sociology of Education
    The Reform of Basic Education in China
    The Professional Development of Teacher

    B. Undergraduate
    Theory of Instruction
    The Communication in Classroom
    The Lesson Study

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    -Investigation on the School Time of the Primary School Students(2005-2006,Beijing Education Commission),Principal Investigator.
    -The Teaching Experiment On The new Curriculum of High School (2003-2005,The Ministry of Education),Principal Investigator.
    -Sociality of Instruction and the Basic Education Reform(2002-2005,National Office For Education Science Planning), Principal Investigator.
    -Teaching Support in the Basic Education Curriculum Reform (2002-2004, The Ministry of Education),Principal Investigator.
    -The Basic Ideas on High School Curriculum Reform (2002-2003, The Ministry of Education),Principal Investigator.
    -The Theory and Practice on the Classroom Communication(2002-2006,Beijing Education Commission),Principal Investigator.

    National Instruction Theory Professional Association(1996-Present)