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    GAO Xiaoyi Professor
    Institute of Curriculum and Pedagogy
    Ph. D. , Beijing Normal University , Early Childhood Education, 2004
    Ed.M., North-East Normal University, Curriculum and Pedagogy, 2001
    B.S., North-East Normal University, Educational Management, 1998

    Teacher development
    Science education (especially science education in kindergarten and elementary school)

    Associate Professor, Beijing Normal University
    Institute for Curriculum and Pedagogy, Faculty of Education, 2009- present
    Assistant professor (since 2004), Beijing Normal University

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    Gao, X.Y. (December,2010) Study of Relationship between Teachers’ beliefs on Children’ Learning and Their Behaviors in Kindergartens. Paper presented at China-Japan 4nd International Teacher Education Conference.

    Principal Investigator, Theory of science education outside school, The China National Children's Center(CNCC),2010-2011.
    Co-Investigator, Improving the scientific qualities of community workers. Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission.2007-2009
    Principal Investigator, Science education in the kindergartens. Beijing Municipal Commission of Education.2007-2010.
    Co-Investigator, The combination of museums and schools, Chinese Association of Science and Technology,2007-2008.
    Co-Investigator,A Project of Science Education reform in China: learning by doing. Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, 2004-2007.

    Child Development (Spring 2011, 2010)
    3credits, for graduate students, Beijing Normal University
    Learning Science and Science Education (Spring 2011, 2010)
    2credits, for postgraduate students, Beijing Normal University
    Theory and Practice of Science Education (Fall 2010)
    2credits, for postgraduate students, Beijing Normal University