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    YAO Jihai Associate Professor
    College of Education Administration
    Address:Faculty of Education, Beijing Normal University


    Education Background

    1.        Ph. D. in School of psychology, Beijing Normal University, 2005

    2.        M. A. in Institute of Development Psychology, Beijing Normal University, 2002

    3.        Bch. in Department of Psychology, Shannxi Normal University, Xian, Shannxi, 1989-1993


    Research Interests

    1.        Teacher Professional Development: Kindergarten, Primary and Middle School

    2.        Educational and Administrational Psychology

    3.        Educational Human Resource Management

    4.        Basic Education, Teacher Education

    5.        Quantitative research: Theory and Practice


    Working Experiences

    1.        09/2005 -present: College of Educational Administration, Beijing Normal University

    2.        08/1999-08/2000: Lianyungang Junior Teachers' College, Jiangsu Province

    3.        08/1993-08/1999: Lianyungang Normal School, Jiangsu Province


    Research Projects

    2015-2018   “Research on internal quality of basic education and improvement of school management.” Co-researcher, funded by Shunyi Department of Education, Shunyi District Government, Beijing city.

    2015-2018   “Research on internal quality of basic education and improvement of school management.” Co-researcher, funded by Dongli District Department of Education, Dongli District Government, Tianjin city.

    2015-2016   “Research on Fengtai district teacher team construction during the 13the five-year plan period.” Chair, funded by Fengtai District Department of Education, Fengtai District Government, Beijing City.

    2014-2016   “The study of teacher professional development based on teaching autonomy.” Chair, supported by “the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities”.

    2014-2017   “Teacher development assistance program.” Chair, funded by Beijing Huairou District Qiaozi Primary School, Beijing City.

    2014-2017   “Teacher development assistance program.” Chair, funded by Yantai No.3 Middle school, Yantai city in Shandong province.

    2014-2015   “Teacher development assistance program.” Chair, funded by Xichen District Sanjiaosi Kindergarten, Beijing city.

    2010-2015   The Member of “School Mnagement Improvement for Equeity and quality” of Cooperation Programme between UNICEF and MoE.

    2006-2010   The Member of “Children Friendly School and School Mnagement” of Cooperation Programme between UNICEF and MoE. As a National expert, mainly made research design of the project’s evaluation, participating in project’s implementation, and writing project report.

    2006-2010   The National Expert of China-UNICEF cooperative project “Development of China National Standards of Child Friendly Schools”, especially the part related to dimension of “participate and harmony”.

    2008-2010   “The effect of teacher autonomy on teachers’ job satisfaction.” Chair, funded by Beijing Department of Education, Beijing Government, Beijing City.


    Honors and Awards

    1.        2015 Award for Excellent Research Paper on Educational Research by Beijing Higher Education Research Society in China.

    2.        2013 Award for Excellent Research Paper on Educational Research by Beijing  Education Research Society in China.

    3.        2010 Award for Excellent Teaching Output for Postgraduates Quantitative Research Method by Beijing Normal University.

    4.        2011 Award for Excellent Teaching Output for Postgraduates Organizational behavior in Education by Beijing Normal University.


    Authored Book:

    1.        Yao, Jihai (2015). How Principals guide and lead teachers to develop. Beijing: Beijing Normal University Press.

    2.        Yao, Jihai(2013). Psychological Communication between Teacher and Student. Beijing: Beijing Normal University Press.

    3.        Yao, Jihai(2010). Psychological Communication between Principal and Teacher. Beijing: Beijing Normal University Press.

    4.        Yao, Jihai(2009). Construction and improvement of teachers’ Professional Ethical cultivation in new period. Beijing: Peking University Press.


    Academic Journal Papers:

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    Postgraduates Supervision:

    2015  Ms. Fang Boyu (2015 MPhil.) and Mr.Yu Yunsheng and Li Zhouwen (2015 M. Ed.)

    2014  Ms. Huang Xiangxiao (2014 MPhil.) and Mr. Zhang Rui and Ms Zhang Huimin (2014 M. Ed.)

    2013  Ms. Wang WenJuan (2013 MPhil.) and Ms. Fu Yuanyuan, Li XueFei, Zhu Shan, and Chen Hongmei (2013 M. Ed.)

    2012  Mr. Tian Yu (2012 MPhil.) and Ms.He Jing and Jiang XinYu (2012 M. Ed.)

    2011  Ms. Lin Lizhen and Quan Jingyue (2011 MPhil.) and Ms. Li Yang (2011 M. Ed.)

    2010  Ms. Lang Di and Wu Maomei (2010 MPhil.) and Ms. Meng Fanfa and Tao Faping (2010 M. Ed.)

    2009  Ms. Liu Lihua and Li Jie (2009 MPhil.) and Ms. Jia Jin (2009 M. Ed.)

    2008  Ms. Wang Xiaocui (2008 MPhil.) and Ms. Ma Jie, Ren Hui, Wang Yu, and Ma Yanli (2008 M. Ed.)

    2007  Ms. Chen Yinghua and Mr. Zhang Haijun (2007 MPhil.) and Ms. Zhang Jie and Chen Lin (2007 M. Ed.)

    2006  Ms. Din Ze (2006 MPhil.) and Ms. Zhang Yan and Xie Chunmei (2006 M. Ed.)



    FULL CV: YAOJihai_CV20160225.pdf