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    XIANG Beili Associate Professor
    College of Education Administration
    Dialogues on Education (Discussion with Students):

    Director of Teaching and Researching Section of CEA,BNU (2004-2006)
    Council Member of Women Professor’s Association of BNU (from 2011~ )

    • 07/2001 Ph.D. in History of Education,Beijing Normal University
    • 07/1998 M.A. in Comparative Education,Central China Normal University
    • 07/1993 Associate Degree in English Translation,Wuhan University

    2、Research Interests
    • Citizenship and Human Rights Education
    • Curriculum Studies (Social Studies)
    • Gender Studies
    • John Dewey studies
    • Action Research
    • History of Education

    3、Working Experiences
    • 2001~ Lecturer (2001~2004),Associate Professor (2005~)
    College of Educational Administration,Beijing Normal University
    • 1989~1995 Nurse for prevention of T.B. for children,
    Antituberculosis Center of Hanyang District,Wuhan City

    4、Selected Publications
    Journal Papers
    Action Research / Citizenship Education / Human Rights Education
    • Xiang, Beili(2012).Action Research: Context Identification and Diversity Learning,Research in Applied Psychology(Taiwan),54(2),5-12.
    • Xiang, Beili(2011).Action Research in Education:Contextualizing the Person and Educational Issue.Journal of Educational Studies,7(6),47-58.
    • Liu, Xiuying(2011).A School with Civic Life is a Good School –An Interview with Beili XIANG.Children’s Study, (5),6-11.
    • Xiang, Beili(2011).Reconstruct the Power, Responsibility and Limitation of the Public Power on Education.Education Today, (4),8-19.
    • Xiang, Beili & KING, Tina(2010).A Study of Compulsory Educational Policies and Values Orientation about Children’s Right to Education in China:1985-2007.“Education and Citizenship in a Globalising World Conference”,London,Oct.19-20.
    • Xiang, Beili(2010).Citizenship in the Process of Formulating School Development Planning:A Case Study of Two Rural Primary Schools in Beijing.BNU- NMSU(U.S.A),“Educating Youth for Citizenship:East & West Conference”,Beijing,Jan.5-6.
    • Xiang, Beili (2009).Ethnic Identity and Difficulties in Building a Child-Friendly School with Ethnic Cultural Multiplicity:Based on the Analyses of Two Interviews.“Language, Culture applicableness and Education Conference”,Beijing,Dec.5-6.
    • Xiang, Beili(2001).The Aim of Education and Other Issues.Open Times,(3),113-116.
    • Xiang, Beili(1998).Education of Love:on Family Emotional Education.Preschool Education,(3),31.

    Gender Studies
    • Zhang, Yi & Xiang, Beili(2011).Gender Studies in Textbook Culture:Take “Chinese” Textbooks of Three Presses as Cases.Education Today,(12),28-31.
    • Shi, jinghuan & Xiang, Beili (2001).Gender Studies on Education in Underdeveloped Regions.In Teng, xing & Hu, Angang (Eds.),Doctors Forum on Education and Western Areas Development(340-360).Beijing:Nationality Press.

    Curriculum Studies
    • Xiang, Beili(2012).Teacher’s Curriculum Competency:The Competency of Awakening as an Intellectual——A Case Study of Dr. Zeng De-xiong’s Curriculum Practice.Basic Education Curriculum,(7),15-19.
    • Xiang, Beili(2012).I hope Curriculum Be the Soil to Liberate and Create New Knowledge.Basic Education Curriculum, (3),13.
    • Xiang, Beili(2009).School Life,Latent Curriculum and School Culture.Basic Education Curriculum, (9),30-33.
    • Xiang, Beili(2009).Doggy paddle,Breaststroke,Back Stroke:Inquiry,Experience and the Standard of Curriculum.Basic Education Curriculum,(8), 14-17.
    • Xiang, Beili(2000).How to Teach Rural Children with Their Experiences.Primary and High School Management, (7-8),25-26.
    • Xiang, Beili & Jin, Jihai (1999).The Ideals of Truth, Virtue and Beauty in Science Education.Journal of University of Science and Technology Beijing (Social Sciences Edition),15(2),79-82.
    • Xiang, Beili(1997).Moderns’ Education:A Comparative Study of Exam-Oriented Education and Quality-Oriented Education.Jiangxi Education Research, (4),1-4.
    John Dewey Studies
    • Xiang, Beili (2009).Portrait of John Dewey in the Educational Works in China: 1949-2009.Basic Education Curriculum,(10),38-41.
    • Xiang, Beili (2004).Freed Intelligence in Education:in the Perspective of John Dewey’s Liberalism.Open Times, (5),32-46.

    Methodology of Comparative Education / Philosophy of Education
    • Xiang,Beili (2001).Value Judgement and Paradigms of Comparative Education:A Perspective of Multiculturalism.Comparative Education Review,(3),37-44.
    • Xiang,Beili (2000).Value Judgement and Paradigms of Comparative Education:Perspectives of Universalism and Relativism.Comparative Education Review,(4),5-10.
    • Fang,T.,Ouyang,G.,& Xiang,B(2007).An Explorer of the Construction of Discipline of Comparative Education in China:Professor Yang Hanqing.Journal of National Academy of Educational Administration,(12),9-15.

    History of Education
    • Xiang, Beili(1999).Review of Mohandas Gandhi’s Educational Thoughts.Research of History of Education,(4),74-80.
    • Xiang, Beili(1999).The Modernization of Education and the Cultural Tradition of the May 4th Movement.Tsinghua Educational Research, (3),87-93.
    • Xiang, Beili(1998).School:Where to go,Progressivism or Essentialism.Jiangxi Education Research, (2),56-59.

    Nursery of Antituberculosis
    1、 Xiang, Beili(1993).The Psychological Nursery for T.B. Patients.Chinese Journal of Antituberculosis, (4),179.

    Authored Book
    • Xiang, Beil.John Dewey and His Educational Thoughts in A Perspective of Liberalism (Beijing:Beijing Normal University Press.Already signed the contract for publication).

    Translated Book
    • Xiang, B.,Wang, S.,& Mo, L.(2009) (Chinese Translation):Curriculum and Aims (Decker F. Walker & Jonas F. Soltis,New York:Teachers College Press,2004).Beijing:Educational Science Publishing House.

    Edited Book
    • Xiang Beili (2004).The Implementation and Management of Comprehensive Curriculum In Senior High School (with CUI, Yunhuo).Beijing:Higher Education Press.

    Book chapters
    • Xiang Beili (2010).Field Diagnosis of Child-Friendly Division of Personnel of MOE (Eds.).Child-Friendly School and School Management(112-121).Beijing:Beijing Normal University Press.
    • Xiang Beili (2002).Educational Thoughts of Nationalism in India (570-632),Albert Einstein’s Educational Thoughts (802-837).In Wu, Shiyin & Ren Zhongyin(Eds.).The General History of Foreign Educational Thoughts(Vol.9).Changsha:Hunan Education Press.
    • Xiang Beili (2000).Immanuel Kant,Edemondo De Amicis,Ellen Key,Karl Jaspers.In Shan,Zhonghui & Yang,Hanlin (Eds.).Synopses of Western Education Masterpiece. Nanchang:jiangxi People’s Press.

    Selected Reports
    • Xiang,B.,Liu,H.,& Jia,Y.(2011).The Flowers on the Urban Fringe Can also Embrace the Spring:A Qualitative Evaluation Report on the Implementation of Aflatoun Curriculum in Xinyuan School of Shan Village in Changping District of Beijing City,China.The Impact Assessment of the Curriculum Aflatoun to the Migrant Students,Funded and translated into English by Shanghai Better Education Development Center.
    • Xiang Beili (2006-2007;2007-2008;2008-2009;2009-2010).General Interview Report of “Child-friendly School and School Management” Program of UNICEF-CHINA.
    • Peter,M.,Xiang,B.,& Ma,Y(2005).Teacher Training Component Review Gansu Basic Education Project (GBEP), Review Report Final.pdf.

    Poetry, Prose and Essays
    1、 Xiang, Beili(2011).Promise of the Childhood.Wen Yi Bao (文艺报Literary Newspaper,Hosted by Chinese Writers Association),11/07/2011,(7).
    2、 Xiang, Beili(2011).The Back of Fou Ts’ong.Wen Yi Bao,25/05/2011,(3).
    3、 Xiang, Beili(2011).How Can I Love You,the World.[A criticism of an article in the textbook of “Chinese” of Grade two] Wen Yi Bao,09/05/2011.(7).[Incorporated in Wang, Meng & Wang, Qianrong (Eds.2012,240-241).The Best Essays of 2011 in China.Shenyang:Liaoning People Press.]
    4、 Xiang, Beili(2010).Tenderness Need Economic prerequisite [A Book Review of Meu Pe de Laranja Lima].Xinmin Weekly, Oct.11-17,(39),52-55.
    5、 Xiang, Beili(2008).Talk Until Find Out “Empathy”.China Education Daily,08/05/2008,(6).
    6、 Xiang, Beili(1999).Looking for Spiritual Home.Women Literature,(1),16-17.
    7、 Xiang, Beili(1997). Brave Actions for Just Causes and the Civic-Minded.Wuhan Talents News,31/10/1997,(3).
    8、 Xiang, Beili(1997).Write to Life.Wuhan Talents News, 06/06/1997,(3).
    9、 Xiang, Beili(1997).Happy Songs in the Classroom.The Yangtze River Daily,13/01/1997.
    10、 Xiang, Beili(1996).The Language of the Stones.Wuhan Talents News,27/12/1996.
    11、 Xiang, Beili(1996).Emerald-Green Breezes Heads of Passengers.Wuhan Talents News,26/07/1996,(3).
    12、 Xiang, Beili(1996).The First Lesson.Wuhan Talents News,19/01/1996,(3).
    13、 Xiang, Beili(1995).Can’t Flowers Without Butterflies?Wuhan Evening News,17/08/1995,(6).
    14、 Xiang, Beili(1995).The Love of Pierre Abélard (1079-1142) and Héloïse d'Argenteuil (1101?-1164).[A Review of a Related Book and the Movie Stealing Heaven].Travel Guide,16/06/1995,(3).
    15、 Xiang, Beili(1994).The Moonlight is Bright Now.Wuhan Evening News,01/09/1994,(6).
    16、 Xiang, Beili(1994).Enjoying the Cool in the River City.Travel Guide, 12/08/1994.
    17、 Xiang, Beili(1993).Good Friends.Wuhan Evening News,30/12/1993,(6).
    18、 Xiang, Beili(1993).Dances With Wolves [A Review of the film].Travel Guide,10/09/1993.
    19、 Xiang, Beili(1993).A Song for the White Butterfly.Adolescents’ Literature,08/05/1993.
    20、 Xiang, Beili(1993).The Tour of Longmen.Travel Guide.09/04/1993.
    21、 Xiang, Beili(1990).The Circle and Liberty.Adolescents’ Literature.07/04/1990.
    22、 Xiang, Beili(1988).The Yellow Land.Adolescents’ Literature,20/10/1988.

    5、Selected Honors and Awards
    2012 Elite Talent of BNU Award (京师英才)
    by Beijing Normal University

    The 6th National Book Award
    by General Administration of Press and Publication (GAPP) of P. R. China
    as one of the Co-authors of Wu Shiyin &Ren, zhongyin(Eds.),
    The General History of Foreign Educational Thoughts

    2002 Excellent Humanities and Social Research Award
    By Beijing Normal University
    For Paper:Value Judgement and Paradigms of Comparative Education:A Perspective of Multiculturalism

    2000 Excellent Research Award
    by Comparative Education Review
    For Paper:Value Judgement and Paradigms of Comparative Education:Perspectives of Universalism and Relativism

    2000 Educational and Social Science Applied Research Award
    by Beijing Normal University & Hong Kong Chinese University
    For Doctoral Dissertation:
    John Dewey and His Educational Thoughts in a Perspective of Liberalism

    1998-1999 Excellent Postgraduate Award
    by Beijing Normal University (09/11/1999)

    1997-1998 Excellent Postgraduate Award
    by Central China Normal University (25/06/1998)

    1996-1997 Excellent Postgraduate Award
    by Central China Normal University (08/12/1997)

    6、Selected Research Projects
    2008-2012 Project Director
    Of the Project“The Study of Theory and Practice of Civilian Education in China Today”
    Funded by 21st Century Education Research Institute

    2011 Project Director
    The Impact Assessment of the Curriculum Aflatoun to the Migrant Students
    Funded by Shanghai Better Education Development Center

    2005-2010 National Consultant
    of“School Management of Child-friendly School Project”
    Funded by UNICEF & MOE,China

    2005-2010 National Consultant
    of The Impact Assessment of the Sub-project “Participatory School Development Planning” of “Basic Education in Western Area Project”
    Funded by MOE of China,World Bank,& DFID

    Sep.2005-Mar.2006 National Consultant
    of The Impact Assessment of the Sub-project “Teacher’s Training” of “Gansu Basic Education Project (GBEP)”
    Funded by DFID,MOE of CHINA & Gansu Provincial Government

    Nov. 2003-Sep.2007 National Consultant
    of “School Improvement Project”
    Funded by DFID.
    A corporation of Tsinghua University,Beijing Normal University,Manchester University & 8 primary and junior high schools of China

    Nov.1999 Researcher
    “Survey on Girl’s Education in Underdeveloped Regions-Zhang County as the case”
    Funded by Zhang County Government, Gansu Province, China.

    July-August,1999 Volunteer trainer
    Headmasters and Teachers Training Program of National Compulsory Education Project
    Funded by Guizhou province,China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (CFPA) & Beijing Normal University

    7、Courses for Post-graduates
    • Study of History of Education
    • Study of Citizenship Education (focus on Social Studies Curriculum)
    • Beijing Normal University Women Forum (Host, Women Professor’s Association)