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    XIANG Beili Associate Professor
    College of Education Administration

    1. Education/Training

    · 09/1998~07/2001  Ph.D., History of Foreign Education, Beijing Normal University

    · 09/1995~07/1998  M.A., Comparative Education/ History of Foreign Education, Central China Normal University

    · 09/1990~07/1993  Associate Degree of English TranslationWuhan University

    · 11/2017 Certificate of Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW) Facilitator

    · 3-4/2018 Basic Course in Problem Based Learning (PBL), the AAU-model, AAU Learning Lab, Aalborg University (AAU), Denmark

    · 11/2018 Global Mindset Training Programme, C3 Consulting, International Business Academy, Kolding, Denmark

    2. Work Experience

    · 2001 ~ College of Education Administration, Faculty of Education, Beijing Normal University

    · 20/11/2017~30/08/2021 Guest Researcher, Department of Culture and Learning, Faculty of Humanities, Aalborg University, Denmark

    · 01/01/2013~31/12/2013 Visiting Scholar, Graduate School of Education, Stanford University, U.S.A.

    · 09/2016-07/2017 Associate Director, Office, Beijing Municipal Education Commission

    · 1989~1995 Nurse (BCG Vaccination for children), Hanyang District Tuberculosis Prevention and Control Institute, Wuhan City, Hubei Province

    3. Research Interests

    · Confucian Democracy

    · Educational Dialogue

    · John Dewey Studies

    · Action Research

    · Value Judgement in Comparative Education

    · Study on Danish Education in Denmark

    4. Selected Publications

    4.1 Journal Papers

    Philosophy of Education/Methodology of Comparative Education / Dewey Studies

    1) Xiang, Beili (2018). Calming the Waves by the Lim Fjord in Denmark. Teachers Journal. (4): 120-123. (The full text was published at the WeChat Official account of Teacher’s Journalon April 18th, 2018.)

    2) Xiang, Beili (2001). The Value Judgement and Paradigms of Comparative Education: A Perspective of Multiculturalism. Comparative Education Review, (3), 37-44.

    3) Xiang, Beili (2000). The Value Judgement and Paradigms of Comparative Education: Perspectives of Universalism and Relativism. Comparative Education Review, (4), 5-10.

    4) Xiang, B. (2015). Educational Research Community: The Value Judgment of Comparative Education and My Life. Teachers Journal, (5), pp.79-84.

    5) Xiang Beili (2015). Educational Research Community and The Idea of a University. Teachers Journal, (3-I): 78-82.

    6) Fang, T., Ouyang, G. & Xiang, B. (2007). An Explorer of Constructing Comparative Education with Chinese Characteristics: Professor Yang Hanqing. Journal of National Academy of Educational Administration,(12), 9-15.

    7) Xiang, Beili (2004). Freed Intelligence in Education: A Perspective of John Dewey’s Liberalism. Open Times, (5), 32-46

    8) Xiang, Beili (2013). John Deweys Lecture Tour and Curriculum Life in China. National History, (4): 136-139.

    9) Xiang, Beili (2013). 1919-1921: John Dewey in China, Principal (6): 43-47.

    10) Xiang, Beili (2009). John Dewey’s “Portrait” in Education in Modern China: 1949-2009Basic Education Curriculum, (10), 38-41.

    11) Xiang, Beili (1999). A Review of Mohandas Gandhis Educational ThoughtsResearch of History of Education, (4), 74-80.

    12) Xiang, Beili (1999).The Modernization of Education and the Cultural Tradition of the May 4th MovementTsinghua Educational Research, (3), 87-93.

    13) Xiang, Beili (1998). School: Where to go, Progressivism vs. Essentialism. Jiangxi Education Research, (2), 56-59.

    14) Xiang, Beili (2001). The Aim of Education and Other Issues. Open Times, (3), 113-116. 

    Action Research / Citizenship Education

    15) Xiang, Beili (2011)Action Research in Education: Contextualizing the Person and Educational Issue. Journal of Educational Studies,7(6). 47-58.

    16) Xiang, Beili (2015), Pesquisa-ação em educação: reconhecendo o sujeito contextualizado e os problemas educacionais, Linhas Criticas (Estudos em Ciência, Tecnologia, Sociedade e Educação), (Studies in Science, Technology, Society and Education), (Brazil), v. 21, n. 45, pp.503-530.

    17) Xiang, Beili (2012). Action Research: Identifying Context and Learning Diversity. Research in Applied Psychology (Taiwan). 54(2), 5-12

    18) Xiang Beili (2015). Action Research: Context, Alignment and Improvement: A Journey of Action Research in Taiwan in 2010 [J]. Basic Education Curriculum (6-1): 76-80.

    19) Liu, Xiuying (2011). A School with Civic Life is a Good School: An Interview with Beili XIANG. Children’s Study, (5), 6-11

    Education: Government and Society

    20) Xiang, Beili (2013). Education: Rediscovering Society. Principal, (3): 65-76.

    21) Xiang, Beili (2011). Reconstructing the Power, Responsibility and the Boundary of the Public Governance on Education. Education Today, (4)8-9.

    Curriculum Studies/Teachers/Family Education

    22) Zhang, L., Wu, X & Xiang, B. (2018). A New Model for the Construction of General Courses of Womens Studies in Universities: A Case Study of Women Professors Forum at Beijing Normal University, Journal of China Womens University (5), 27-34.

    23) Xiang, Beili (2012). Teacher’s Curriculum Competency of Awakening as an Intellectual——A Case Study of Dr. Zeng Dexiong’s Curriculum PracticeBasic Education Curriculum, (7), 15-19

    24) Xiang, Beili(2014). Chinese Teachers as Scholars (Shi, )Beyond Specialization[J]. Teachers Journal.(8-1): 80-82.

    25) Xiang, Beili (2014). My Dream to be a Teacher[A]. Dong, Xiaoping; Wang Jingai & Zheng, Xinrong, (Eds.). Listening to the Women Professors: Research and Narratives[C]. Beijing: China Social Sciences Press, 288-298. 

    26) Xiang, Beili (2009). Doggie paddle, Breaststroke and BackstrokeInquiry, Experience and the Standard of Curriculum. Basic Education Curriculum, (8),  14-17

    27) Xiang, Beili (2009). School Life, Latent Curriculum and School Culture. Basic Education Curriculum, (9), 30-33

    28) Xiang Beili (2017). Dialogue: Professional and Trustworthy Teacher-Student Relationship [J]. Future Educators (7): 23-24.

    29) Xiang, Beili (2012). I hope Curriculum Be the Soil to Liberate and Create New KnowledgeBasic Education Curriculum, (3), 13.

    30) Xiang, Beili (2000). How to Use the Experience of Rural Children to Teach? Management of Primary and Secondary Education (7-8), 25-26.

    31) Xiang, Beili & Jin, Jihai (1999)The Ideal of Truth, Virtue and Beauty in Science EducationJournal of University of Science and Technology Beijing (Social Sciences Edition), 15(2), 79-82.

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    33) Xiang, Beili (2014). The Publicity and Educational Function of American Museums (2). Basic Education Curriculum (5):66-72.

    34) Xiang, Beili (2014). The Publicity and Educational Functions of American Museums (1). Basic Education Curriculum (4):67-73.

    35) Xiang, Beili (2013). Walking Through American Revolutionary War in the Educational Drama: A History Lesson of Social Studies of 5th Graders at S Elementary School in the U.S., Basic Education Curriculum (12): 68-74.

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    37) Xiang, Beili (2013). Engaged into Inquiry as a Scientist: Science Lessons at S Elementary School in the U.S., Basic Education Curriculum (9):64-71.

    38) Xiang, Beili (2013). A National Blue Ribbon School: Standards, Mission and Academic AchievementOne Day at S Elementary School in the U.S., Basic Education Curriculum (7-8):105-112.

    39) Xiang, Beili (2013). Libraries as Public Spaces and the Partners in Lifelong Learning ----The Library Services at S Elementary School in the U.S., Basic Education Curriculum (6):70-75.

    40) Zhang, Y. & Xiang, B.(2011). A Study of Gender in Textbook CultureA case study of Chinese Textbooks published by Three Presses. Education Today, (12)28-31.

    41) Shi, J. & Xiang, B.(2001)Research on Gender Issues in Education in the Underdeveloped Areas in ChinaIn Teng, X. & Hu, A. (Eds.)Doctors Forum on Education and Western Areas Development340-360).BeijingNationality Press.

    42) Xiang, Beili(1998)The Education of Love: on Family Emotional Education. Preschool Education,(3), 31.

    Oral History

    43) Xiang, Beili (2021). Oral History of YANG Hanqing, Submitted to Archives of Central China Normal University (April 9th, 2021)

    Nursery of Antituberculosis

    44) Xiang, Beili(1993). Probe into Psychological Nursing for Tuberculosis Patients. Chinese Journal of Antituberculosis (4)179

    4.2 Books

    Translated Book

    Xiang, B. , Wang, S. , & Mo, L. (2009) (Chinese Version): Curriculum and Aims (Decker F. Walker & Jonas F. Soltis, New York: Teachers College Press, 2004). Beijing: Educational Science Publishing House.

    Edited Book

    Xiang Beili et al. (2020). Oral History of Chinese Teachers Working Overseas [M]. Fuzhou: Fujian Education Press (submitted, to be published).

    Xiang Beili (2004). The Implementation and Management of Comprehensive Curriculum In Senior High School (with CUI, Yunhuo). BeijingHigher Education Press.

    Book Chapters

    1) Xiang, Beili (2020). Chapter 10: Global Education Perspectives [A]. YANG Hanqing, FANG Tong, WANG Jianliang. Comparative Education (Fourth Edition) [M]. People's Education Press (submitted, to be published)

    2) Xiang, Beili (2020). Chapter 10 of Volume 15, Education and Thoughts in India in the Early 20th Century [A]. WU Shiying et al. General History of Foreign Education. Beijing Normal University Press (submitted, to be published).

    3) Xiang Beili (2021). Chapter 10 of Volume 14, Education in the Major Nordic Countries in the Early 20th Century [A]. WU Shiying et al. General History of Foreign Education. Beijing Normal University Press (submitted, to be published).

    4) Xiang, Beili (2019). Write Your Name. in Tatiana Chemi, Lihong Wang and Xiangyun Du (Eds.) Arts-Based Education: China and Its Intersection with the World. Leiden: Brill/Sense, 89.

    5) Xiang, Beili (2010). Field Diagnosis of Child-Friendly Schoolin Division of Personnel of MOE (Eds.). Child-Friendly School and School Management(112-121). BeijingBeijing Normal University Press.

    6) Xiang, Beili (2002). Educational Thoughts of Nationalism in India (570-632)Albert Einsteins Educational Thoughts (802-837)In Wu, Shiyin & Ren Zhongyin(Eds.). The General History of Foreign Educational Thoughts(Vol.9)Changsha: Hunan Education Press.

    7) Xiang, Beili (2000)Immanuel KantEdemondo De AmicisEllen KeyKarl JaspersIn ShanZhonghui & YangHanlin (Eds.)Synopses of Western Education Masterpiece. Nanchangjiangxi Peoples Press

    4.3 Selected Reports

    1) XiangB.,LiuH.,& JiaY(2011)The Flowers on the Urban Fringe Can also Embrace the SpringA Qualitative Evaluation Report on the Implementation of Aflatoun Curriculum in Xinyuan School of Shan Village in Changping District of BeijingChinaThe Impact Assessment of the Curriculum Aflatoun to the Migrant StudentsFunded and translated into English by Shanghai Better Education Development Center

    2) Xiang, Beili with her team (2006-20072007-20082008-20092009-2010)General Interview Reports of “Child-friendly School and School Management” Program of UNICEF-CHINA

    3) PeterM.,XiangB.,& MaY(2005)Teacher Training Component Review Gansu Basic Education Project (GBEP)

    4.4 Reviews, Poems & Essays

    1) Xiang, Beili (2018). Tre Digte. Danmark-Kina, No.110. pp. 24-25.

    2) Xiang, Beili (2014). The False Harvard University Mottos: Ends and Means. China Education Newspaper, 01/08/2014, (2).

    3) Xiang, Beili (2013). Have Fun, Kids[N].Wen Yi Bao (文艺报Literature & Arts Newspaper, hosted by Chinese Writers Association)11/22/2013(8).

    4) Xiang, Beili (2013). The Traffic Rules and Drivers' Virtue (The original title: Civilization in the Traffic Rules: Social Governance and Civic Life )[N]. China Youth Daily, November 5 (2). 

    5) Xiang, Beili (2013). Library: A Public Space Across Segregation. China Youth Daily, May 14 (2),

    6) Xiang, Beili (2011)Childhood PromiseWen Yi Bao (文艺报Literary NewspaperHosted by Chinese Writers Association), 07/11/2011(7)

    7) Xiang, Beili (2011)Fou Ts’ong’s BackWen Yi Bao05/25/2011(3)

    8) Xiang, Beili(2011)How Can I Love You, the World[A review on a text in the Chinese Textbook published by Beijing Normal University Press] Wen Yi Bao05/09/2011(7)[Incorporated in Wang, Meng & Wang, Qianrong (Eds.2012240-241)The Best Essays of 2011 in ChinaShenyangLiaoning People Press.]

    9) Xiang, Beili (2010)Tenderness Requires Economic Conditions [A] Book Review of Meu Pe de Laranja Lima]Xinmin WeeklyOct.11-17,(39),52-55

    10) Xiang, Beili (2008). Find Empathy” Before speaking. China Education Daily05/08/2008(6)

    11) Xiang, Beili (1999)Searching for Spiritual HomeWomen Literature1),16-17

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    13) Xiang, Beili (1997)Write to LifeWuhan Talents News 06/06/1997,3).

    14) Xiang, Beili (1997)Happy Songs in the Classroom. The Yangtze River Daily01/13/1997

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    19) Xiang, Beili (1995)Love letters between Pierre Abélard (1079-1142) and Héloïse d' Argenteuil (1101?-1164)[A Review of a Related Book and the Movie Stealing Heaven]Travel Guide06/16/19953).

    20) Xiang, Beili (1994)The Moonlight is Bright Now. Wuhan Evening News, 09/01/19946.

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    26) Xiang, Beili (1990)The Circle and FreedomAdolescents’ Literature04/07/1990

    27) Xiang, Beili (1988)The Yellow LandAdolescents’ Literature10/20/1988

    5. Selected Honors and Awards

    2012   Elite Talent of BNU Award (京师英才)

               by Beijing Normal University

    2003   The 6th National Book Award

                by General Administration of Press and Publication (GAPP) of P. R. China

                as one of the Co-authors of Wu Shiyin &Ren, zhongyin(Eds.),

                The General History of Foreign Educational Thoughts

    2002    Excellent Humanities and Social Research Award

                By Beijing Normal University

                For PaperValue Judgement and Paradigms of Comparative EducationA Perspective of Multiculturalism

    2000    Excellent Research Award

                by Comparative Education Review

                For PaperValue Judgement and Paradigms of Comparative EducationPerspectives of Universalism and Relativism

    2000    Educational and Social Science Applied Research Award

                by Beijing Normal University & Hong Kong Chinese University

                For Doctoral Dissertation

                John Dewey and His Educational Thoughts in a Perspective of Liberalism

    6. Charity Theater Performance

    Charity Readers Theatre (19-12-2015). Yes Virginia, There is a Santa Claus,Beili Xiang played the role of Celester Donneli. The performance raised 20,275 Chinese Yuan, which was donated to 'Beijing Hongfeng Women's Psychological Counselling Service Centre'.