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    LIU Shuiyun Associate Professor
    Institute of Education Theories
    Address:No. 19 Xinjiekouwai Street, Beijing, China



    10/2008-09/2011  PhD in Higher Education

    Institute of Education, University of London (IOE), United Kingdom

    10/2007-07/2008  Master of Research (MRes) in Educational and Social Research

    Institute of Education, University of London (IOE), United Kingdom

    08/2005-07/2007  Master of Philosophy (MPhil) in Higher Education

    Erasmus Mundus Programme, jointly taught by: University of Oslo, Norway; University of Tampere, Finland; University of Aveiro, Portugal

    09/2000-07/2004  Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Chemistry

    Beijing Normal University, China (BNU)



    Higher education policy and management

    Quality assurance in higher education

    Educational policy

    International education



    Selected English publications

    1.        Liu, S. (2015). Higher Education Quality Assessment in China: An Impact Study, Higher Education Policy, 28 (2), 175–195. [SSCI].

    2.        Liu, S., Tan, M. & Meng, Z. (2015). Impact of Quality Assurance on Higher Education Institutions: A Literature Review, Higher Education Evaluation and Development, 9(2), 17-34.

    3.        Liu, S. & Yu, H. (2014). Study of the Impacts of the Quality Assessment of Undergraduate Education Policy in China: Students’ Perceptions, Higher Education Studies, 4(2), 52-60.

    4.        Liu, S. & Yu, H. (2014). “The themes and paradigms of educational research in Beijing Normal University”, in Cowen, S., Jin, T., Cowen, L.J. & Pan, Z. (eds.) New Directions for Education in China, IOE press (UK).

    5.        Liu, S. (2013). “Quality Assessment of Undergraduate Education in China: Impact on different universities”, Higher Education, 66(4), 391-407.[SSCI]

    6.        Liu, S. (2013). “The Chinese student experience”, in Kandiko, C. and Weyers, M. (eds) The Global Student Experience: An International and Comparative Analysis, Routledge, New York.

    7.        Liu, S. (2013). “External quality audit in the UK: An impact analysis”, in Shah. M and Sid Nair. C. (eds.) External Quality Audits: Has it Improved Quality Assurance in Universities? Woodhead Publishing Ltd, London.

    8.        Liu, S. (2010). “Accountability in China: Primitive attempts”, in Stensaker, B. and Harvey, L. (eds.) Accountability in Higher Education: Global Perspectives on Trust and Power, Routledge, New York.

    9.        Liu, S. and Rosa, M. (2008). “Quality Assessment of Undergraduate Education in China: A policy analysis”, Higher Education Management and Policy, 20(3), pp.70-87.


    Selected Chinese publications

    1.        Liu, S. (2014). “The external quality assessment schemes and their effects”, Jiangsu Higher Education, 3, 156-159. (CSSCI)

    2.        Liu, S., Liu F. & Xu, Y (2014). A Comparative Analysis of Education Policy Research and Subject development in Europe and North America and China, Journal of Educational Studies, 10(3), 62-68. (CSSCI)

    3.        Liu, S. (2014). “The impact of public media on the design and implementation of educational policy”, Chinese Educational Law Review, 12. (CSSCI)


    Selected conference papers

    1.        Liu, S. (2014). “Educational Equity for Migrant Children in China”, a paper presented at the CESHK Annual Conference, Feb 28- Mar 1, 2014, Hong Kong.

    2.        Liu, S. (2014). “Higher Education Quality Assurance in China”, an invited report at the HEEACT International Conference.

    3.        Liu, S. (2013). “Educational equity for migrant children in China: A policy analysis”, a paper presented at the AERA Conference, April 27- May 1, 2013, San Francisco, US.

    4.        Liu, S. (2011). “The impact of the QAUE on the evaluated HEIs in China”, a paper presented at the EAIR Conference, August 28-31, 2011, Warsaw, Poland.

    5.        Liu, S. (2010). “The impact of the Quality Assessment of Undergraduate Education scheme on university change in China”, a paper presented at the SRHE Conference, December 14-16, 2010, Newport, UK.

    6.        Liu, S. (2009). “Globalization, higher education and the nation state”, a paper presented at the China Postgraduate Network Conference, April 23-24, 2009, Manchester, UK.

    7.   Liu, S. (2009). “Study of the impact of the Quality Assessment of Undergraduate Education policy in China: Students’ perceptions”, a paper presented at the INQAAHE Conference, March 31- April 5, 2009, Abu Dhabi, UAE, granted by the INQAAHE Development Fund.


    Funded research projects

    1.        12/2012-    Impact of External Higher Education Quality Assurance on University Change, National Social Science Fund of China (CIA120142), 100000 RMB

    2.        05/2013-12/2015 The International Adaptation of Students in Chinese Higher Education Institutions, Scientific Research Foundation for the Returned Overseas Chinese Scholars funded by Ministry of Education of China, 15000 RMB

    3.        04/2015-12/2015  The Project Evaluation of Improving Education Quality of Rural Migrant Students in Private Schools, funded by Save the Children of UK, 50000 RMB


    Professional Activities

    12/2015-present  Deputy Secretary-General of the Educational Policy and Law Association under the Chinese Education Association

    1/2014-present     Peer reviewer, Higher Education (SSCI)

    1/2015-present     Peer reviewer, London Education Review

    11/2011-present   Peer reviewer, Journal of Educational Studies (in Chinese)

    05/2011                Peer reviewer, International Perspectives on Education and Society

    07/2009-11/2010  Coordinator, IOE-BNU Higher Education Workshop, London, UK Coordinator, BNU-IOE Higher Education Workshop, Beijing, China

    10/2008-10/2009  Chair, Chinese Study Society, Institute of Education (IOE), UK



    12/2012-               National Social Science Fund of China

    05/2013-               Scientific Research Foundation for the Returned Overseas Chinese    

                                 Scholars funded by Ministry of Education, China   

    10/2008-09/2011  Centenary Scholarships for Doctoral students at IOE

    10/2007-09/2008  Centenary Scholarships for Master students at IOE

       08/2005-07/2007  Erasmus Mundus Scholarships for Master students in Europe



    The Theoretical Foundation of Educational Policy (for post-graduate students);

    Educational Policy Analysis (for post-graduate students);

    Pedagogy (for post-graduate students);

    Methodology of Social Science Research (for post-graduate students);

    Pedagogy (for undergraduate students)

    Student Supervision

    PhD students: GOETHALS, LIN


    Undergraduate Students: QIN,HAN; WANG YUXIN



    11/2011-present   Assistant professor, Faculty of Education, BNU

    07/2011-09/2011  Intern, Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education, UK

    11/2008-06/2009  Data analyst, TSL Education Limited (Times Higher Education), UK

    05/2008-08/2008  Research intern, Education, UNESCO Asia-Pacific, Bangkok, Thailand

    10/2003-12/2003  Intern teacher in No.35 Secondary School, Beijing



    06/2004  Excellent Graduate Honor in Beijing

    06/2004  Excellent Graduate Honor in BNU

    02/2003  Excellent Young Volunteer Honor in Beijing

    12/2001  Excellent Student Leader Honor in Beijing

    12/2001  Academic Excellence Scholarships for Undergraduate students at BNU



    Languages: English (fluent, with IELTS band score 7.0)

      Chinese (native)

    Computer:  Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

        Statistic application software, such as SPSS and NVivo

    Certificate: Professional Teacher Certification in China 


    FULL CV: LIUShuiyun_CV20160302.pdf