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    BAN Jianwu Lecturer
    Institute of Education Theories


    Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China
    . Lecturer, Institute of Education Basic Theory, 2010
    . Post doctor, School of Psychology, 2008
    . Research Associate, Centre for Moral and Citizenship Education, 2008

    School t of Education, University of Beijing Normal University, Beijing
    . Ph.D. in Principle of Moral Education (2008)
    . Dissertation title “Symbolic Consumption and Teenage Identity.”
    Committee Chair: TAN Chuanbao

    School t of Education, University of Beijing Normal University, Beijing
    . M. Phil. in Sociology of Education (2005)
    . Advisor: WEI Manhua

    Department of Youth Work, China Youth University For political Sciences, Beijing
    . B.A. in Ideological and Political Education (2002)
    . Advisor: CHEN Lisi


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    Contemporary Social Problems and the Growth of Teenagers (当代社会问题与青少年成长,合著), Fujian Education Press, Fujian, 2005. (With WEI Manhua etc).

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    Book Chapters and Encyclopedia Articles

    Moral Education and Class Management, Higher Education Press, Beijing,2007.(co-compile with TAN Chuanbao)

    Social thought and Youth Education, Peking University Press, Beijing,2011(co-compile with CHEN Lisi)

    Comparison of Ideological and Political Education, Renmin University of China press,2011(co-compile with CHEN Lisi)


    Study on diagnosis of school moral education,
    Beijing, China
    . Fund source: Key-point project, China National Education Research Fund, 2009
    . Type: Books
    . Principal Investigator: BAN Jianwu

    Contemporary youth culture and school moral education, Beijing, China
    . Fund source: Beijing Normal university, 2010
    . Type: Research Report
    . Principal Investigator: BAN Jianwu

    Popular culture and school moral education, Beijing, China
    . Fund Source: Key-point Project, Beijing Education Research Fund, 2010
    . Type: Research Report
    . Principal Investigator: BAN Jianwu