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In 2013, FOE has got 42 longitudinal projects above the provincial level, including 9 National projects and 33 Provincial projects. The 9 National projects contain 3 National Social Science projects, 4 National Education Science Plan projects, 1 National Philosophy and Social Sciences Library projects and 1 National Natural Science project. Especially, the young faculty has showed great potential and outstanding ability in the major research projects. When they got the National Social Science projects and Beijing Philosophy and Social Science Research projects, they are under the age of 36, and has an average age of 34.

From 2009 to 2012, FOE had 1144 papers published in the CSSCI and more than 40 academic papers in SCISSCIEI journals. Besides, about 600 works of various kinds were published including 118 monographs and 37 translation works, and some works were published by foreign publishers in English, German and Japanese.

From 2007 to 2012, FOE published more than 260 first-author foreign language papers. Among them, 35 are SSCI/SCI papers, 53 are EI papers (including EI conference papers and EI journal articles); moreover, 147 are English papers and 24 papers were published in other foreign languages including Japanese, Russian, Korean, etc.

Since 2009, FOE has won 180 government-funded projects above the provincial level with the total funding of 29.215 million Yuan. These projects include 15 National Social Science projects, 8 National Natural Science projects, 12 National Education Sciences Planning projects, and 11 Ministry of Education’s Philosophy and Social Science projects. FOE has also won 41 international joint projects with a total funding of 11.3067 million Yuan. About 452 non-government-funded projects are being carried out at FOE with a total funding of 114.981 million Yuan as well.

In 2013, FOE has got the research funding of 61.025 million RMB Yuan, which including 34.938 million RMB Yuan of transverse cooperation research funding, 11.602 million RMB Yuan of longitudinal projects funding, 2.794 million RMB Yuan of foreign cooperation funding, and 11.69 million RMB Yuan of other research funding from BNU.

In 2013, FOE has won 19 provincial and ministerial level scientific research achievement awards, and the number and grade of awards are come out in front in the similar institutions in China. Especially, FOE has got 7 of the all 58 awards of the 6th Higher School Scientific Research Outstanding Achievement Award in education, ranking first in Normal Universities in China. FOE also got 1 award of the 11th Li Yun Scholarship Fund for outstanding academic achievement award of Arts, and got 2 Mingyuan Education Awards.

In 2013, FOE published 497 papers in Chinese journal by the first author or corresponding authorinclude more than 295 CSSCI. we also published more than 50foreign language papers by the first author or corresponding author, include 8 SSCI/SCI, and 8 EI (include EI conference papers and EI journal articles).

Compared with last year ,we increased more than 100 Chinese papers, the growth rate is about 25%. So is it published SSCI/ SCI and EI but the amount of foreign language papersarethe same as last year (50 papers).

Besides, we have about 80 works of various kinds published in Educational Science Press, East China Normal University Press etc..among them 24 Chinese monographs and 3 English monographs, Compared with last year, we have fewer Chinese monographs, but we have more than 3 English monographs.

In 2013, FOE published more than 60 papers in newspapers, such as Guang Ming Daily, China Social Science, The Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference Report etc. and submitted more than 40 advisory report/policy recommendations, 23 of them adopted by relevant departments, and 3 of them acquired the state leaders’ highly attention.

Compared with last year, we have increased quality and quantity in papers and advisory report/policy recommendations, It means that we enhance the ability to participate in national education policy advisory services of the national education reform.