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Non-degree Programs

BNU has a long history of training high quality teachers, education professionals and government employees in education. Under the leadership of the former National Commission of Education and Ministry of Education,the training work of FOE began in 1981, with a training course for college administrators, and has grown steadily ever since. In 1986, FOE was appointed as the North-China Training Center for Educational Administrators by National Commission of Education. In 1996, FOE became one of the two National Training Centers for Educational Administrators. In May 1998, the name of the training center was changed to The North-China Training Center for Educational Administrators of the Ministry of Education. In May 2000, authorized by Ministry of Education, the National Training Center for Primary School Principals was established. In January 2004, authorized by BNU, the BNU Training Institute for Principals was established.

Up to now, FOE has trained a large number of education administrators, middle school and elementary school principals and college administrators for 33 provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions and the special administrative regions (except Taiwan Province)and offered training for more than 60,000 education professionals, making significant contributions to the educational reform and development of our country.

FOE makes full use of its expertise in the fields of basic education, education strategy, and educational policy studies to cooperate with several provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, offeringsupport in making policy decisions and the developmentof local educational courses. For example, in cooperation with Beijing Municipal Government, FOE developed the Capital Institute of Basic Education Research and Capital Institute of Educational Economics. These institutes took an active part in the educational development of Beijing and undertook projects granted by the Beijing Commissionof Education, the Commission of Education of the Beijing Municipal Party committee and other departmentsof the Beijing Municipal Party Committee and Beijing Municipal government. In cooperation with Beijing Municipality, FOE developed a series of studiesof the strategic layout of education, administrative management of education, educational finance, and supported the policy making of Beijing Municipality. On the subject of the strategic layout of education, FOE undertook such projects as “Study on Beijing educational modernization”, ”Innovation in the Capital’s Basic Education system”, “Study on Annual Analysis and Counter measures of Beijing Compulsory Education Balance Development” and “Study on Equal Access to Education of Beijing”. At the same time, FOE offered support to Beijing Municipal Government to formulate its long-term strategy for educational development and reform and to formulate related educational policies.