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The First INEI Summer School in Teacher Education Published:2017-07-10 08:28:07  Views:10


July 3, 2017 witnessed the opening ceremony of The First INEI Summer School in Teacher Education, which is organized by the Institute of Teacher Education, Faculty of Education, Beijing Normal University. Distinguished guests included Prof. ZHONG Binglin, President of The Chinese Society of Education, Prof. ZHU Xudong, Dean of Faculty of Education, Prof. WANG Chen, Assistant Dean of Faculty of Education, Associate Prof. LIU Qiang, Assistant Dean of Faculty of Education, Dr. Laura Liu from Indiana University, Dr. ZHANG Zhonghua from University of Melbourne, Prof. JIANG Yuanqun from School of Foreign Languages and Literatures BNU and professors from Institute of Teacher Education BNU.


At the Opening Ceremony, Prof. LI Qiong, Director of Institute of Teacher Education, introduced the background of the Summer School. Student participants of this Summer School consisted of five international MA or PhD students from University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of São Paulo, University of Toronto, University of Cape Town and Seoul National University, 33 outstanding undergraduate students from Chinese universities and some graduate students from the Institute of Teacher Education BNU. According to Director Li, the Summer School brought together some first-class faculty members in the field, under whose supervision, students would learn in groups and benefit from abundant opportunities of exploring, learning and practicing within one week.



1 Director LI Qiong


Prof. ZHONG Binglin, President of The Chinese Society of Education shared his understandings of teacher education in his opening remarks. He stated that teacher education changes people and society. The role and mission of teacher education to promote social development is beyond doubt. Also, teacher education is promising and challenging. At present, teacher education faces oversupply. There exist highlighted problems such as imbalance in team structure and team qualities, etc. The development trend of Chinese teacher education should be universitified, diverse, integrated and professional. Last but not least, Professor Zhong stressed that teacher education should maintain high quality, return to the nature and intrinsic logic of “university”, follow the law of education and growth of teacher, and constantly promote the practice of reform and exploration of innovation.



2 President ZHONG Binglin


Dean ZHU Xudong extended a warm welcome to all students participated in this summer school program and expressed his hope for students to learn deeply in teacher education in the following week. Dean Zhu stated that the Faculty of Education is in the progress of building the world-class discipline of education. Talent training needs to give emphasis to the academic training of students. He encouraged young people to embark on the road of academic research. He said that teacher education is a promising and challenging field because teachers always play a leading role in education. He hoped that the participating students could devote themselves into teacher education research.



3 Dean ZHU Xudong


Associate Professor LIU Qiang, Assistant Dean of Faculty of Education, gave an overview of the international ranking, degree programs, international student cultivation and teaching resources of the Faculty of Education. He emphasized that teacher education is like the blood and bone of the Faculty of Education, and it is a fantastic choice of major for the participating students.



4 Assistant Dean LIU Qiang


Dr. Laura Liu from Indiana University, Dr. ZHANG Zhonghua from University of Melbourne and international teacher representatives introduced their research fields respectively and expressed their hopes to grow with the students through this summer school.



5 Dr. Laura Liu



6 Dr. ZHANG Zhonghua


Wonderful Moments


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