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BNU-UPenn Ed.D. Students Joint Field Studies on Higher Education Leadership and Management Program Published:2016-07-22 15:12:15  Views:10

From July 11 to 15, 2016, a joint international academic forum was held at Beijing Normal University between BNU Ed. D. students and the Ed.D. delegation from the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education.

In the three days, eight lectures and presentations were given by Professors Du Yuhong, Li Qi, Hong Chengwen, Ma Liping, Zhu Zhiyong, Du Ping, Kan Wei, and Shi Zhongying.

Besides, BNU and UPenn Ed. D. student groups visited Capital University of Economics and Business and China Institute of Industrial Relations. The professors and directors of administrations presented their administration style and strategies concerning student admission, faculty development, quality assurance, internationalization and so on respectively.

Furthermore, group discussions had been conducted every day with different focuses. BNU and UPenn Ed.D. students had intensive discussions, communications, and interactions about Chinese and American higher education institutions, development, administration, and management in the fields of access and equity, quality assurance, faculty affairs, external community, and job employment.







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