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1st Grand Set of Moral Education Picture Book "Follow Me to China" Launched in Beijing Published:2016-07-14 14:44:29  Views:10

On July 8th,2016, The Innovative and Professional Development of Moral Education Curriculum Forum and The Launching Ceremony of the First Grand Set of Moral Education Picture Book Follow Me to China was held in Primary School Attached to Capital Normal University. Mr. Yubo Du, Deputy Minister of Education Ministry of PRC expressed his hearty congratulation to Professor Tan, Editor in Chief of the picture books, on the success of the launching of the books. Mr. Lingshan Zhao, Executive Deputy Director of Hong Kong Macao and Taiwan Affairs Office of Education Ministry, Mr. Li Liu, Deputy Chairman of Beijing Normal University (BNU), Mr. Fanhua Meng, Vice President of Capital Normal University (CNU), and many other educational leaders were invited to attend the forum and the ceremony. Nearly 200 people including many famous educational experts, school principals and parent representatives across China took part in as audiences.


Honored guests were unveiling the book Follow Me to China.

          "Follow Me to China" is the first set of children’s moral learning picture book series in mainland China, mainly edited by Professor Chuanbao Tan from BNU, an innovator of “aesthetic view on moral education”. The author team consists of young scholars who are experts on moral education, citizenship education, childhood literature, childhood games, pre-school education, etc. Guangdong Educational Publishing House published this picture book series.

Aimed at nationwide children and youth and elaborately authored by the professional and excellent moral education team, the picture book series is a pedagogical masterpiece which reflects the most advanced ideas of moral learning and moral education. The picture book series attempts in its content structure to include three dimensions which are respectively Nature China, Culture China and Contemporary China, in order that a real and stereoscopic China is well presented. The Nature China encompasses "Journey through Mountain and Rivers" and "Journey through Seas and Lakes". The Culture China has "Journey through nations" and "Journey through Festivals". The Contemporary China includes "Journey through Cities" and "Journey through Roads". The whole set of the picture books has 6 volumes (6 different Journeys), each of which includes 8 sub-volumes (namely 8 learning subjects), altogether 48 sub-volumes. It has established a very good learning platform through which kids in China are capable of getting close to and having a deep and comprehensive understanding of their own country. The book series has rather been written based upon many progressive and advanced education ideas like aesthetic learning, constructive learning, and critical learning, with the hoping that the kid readers could form a three-dimensional and rational perceptions of China.

Deputy Secretary and Deputy Minister of Education Ministry Yubo Du in his letter to Professor Tan referred that "it is always a hard pot of moral education to avoid dogmatic lecturing and to improve the actual effect, when holding patriotic education activities and other kinds of moral learning activities. The picture book series Follow Me to China, based upon Prof Tan's aesthetic view of moral education and the aesthetical visual design which `helps children travel through the map of China`, encompassing Nature China, Culture China and Contemporary China in itself, has really constituted a series of `Chinese stories` suitable  for all Chinese kids. The picture book series is penetrated by many advanced education ideas like aesthetical learning, constructive learning and critical learning; it is not only a resource volume helpful to understand the history, geography, culture, development and complex nation situation of China, but is also qualified moral teaching materials contributing to our current patriotic education".  He concluded that after the launching ceremony, "we should endeavor to advertise and promote this set of picture books, and encourage primary schools and middle schools to make best use of it according to their own circumstances, so that to maximize the contributions it could make to facilitate the patriotic education and the education of socialist core values."




The Moral Education Picture Book Series "Follow Me to China".


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