Welcome From The Dean

Welcome to the Faculty of Education (FOE) at the Beijing Normal University (BNU). Being a leading institution in educational field, we play an influential role not only in our field in China, but also in educational scholars mentoring and research in the world.
We offer some of the nation’s premiere undergraduate, graduate and in-service training programs in educational discipline. Central to our educational philosophy is the empowerment of students to excel in their chosen careers and become professional ready to compete in the global market. We aim to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and competence needed in today’s classrooms and beyond; cultivate students’ devotion to teaching as a life-long vocation; and nurture educational leaders and researchers. Through our Ph.D., Ed.D ...


Spotlight: International Programsmore

FOE now is offering various programs for international students. There are programs for those who are fluent in Chinese as well as programs oriented for those who are English speakers. International students are encouraged to pick the program that fits their need best.

The international master’s program and Ph. D. program in Educational Leadership and Policy (Comparative Education) are two highlighted programs offered in English. They have attracted more than 80 international students and provided them with a good chance to swim in the ocean of knowledge and understand Chinese culture at the same time.